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Good-for-you Granola. Try this energy-boosting cereal for breakfast.

I’ve  been looking for a good excuse to stop buying the cold cereals that my kids and my husband love.  The problem is they are just so convenient for quick breakfasts.  But  the more I study about food and nutrition, the more I realize what is “food” and what is “non-food”.  Most of the cereal my husband buys and the kids like would be considered “non-food.”   When they eat it they have experience a sugar crash and are hungry 30 minutes later.

The “good excuse” I’ve been looking for to get my husband on board  has finally fallen into my lap.  A few weeks ago my husband quit his job and started his own business with his best friend and we have been looking for ways to really cut down on any spending while he travels around and starts gathering in clients.   He is now on board.

Golden Apple, Walnut and Barley Summer Salad.

I have been learning a lot about adding whole grains to my every day cooking and this is my favorite salad recipe so far. It is amazing!  There is a burst of sweet, salty, sour, crunchy, tangy and creamy all at once in your mouth with every bite.   Mmmmm,  I crave it daily.   I also love how chewy the barley is in the salad.  It makes barley a whole grain that you actually crave.  Thank you Chef Brad for sharing this recipe with me.   Here is his how to video.