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Egg in the Basket

We are always looking for inexpensive, tasty, easy to make freezer meals.  This one I learned from a friend last week.  Thank you Sunshine!  It is called Egg in the Basket.  Freezer meals don’t always have to be a casserole you pull out of the freezer and bake.  Most often, we pull ingredients out of the freezer to make a fresh meal.  Then add fresh ingredients to it.  This meal is called egg in the hole.  Ingredients needed:  Loaf of bread from your freezer (I usually store 4 in my freezer at all times), eggs and fresh toppings.  I love avocado and salsa.  My kids love maple syrup.

Step 1:  Use a cookie cutter to cut out the center of your piece of bread

Step 2:  Heat a frying pan, rub butter on the skillet or use cooking spray

Step 3:  Place cut out bread on the skillet

Step 4:  Crack an egg and pour into the hole in the bread.  I usually use 1/2 egg per piece of bread

Step 5:  Cook for 2 min then flip and cook the egg the rest of the way

Step 6:  Serve warm with maple syrup or salsa and freshly sliced avocado.  Enjoy!