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Book Tour Spring 2010

Book tour was wonderful!  I look forward to doing it again in the Fall.  What a treat it was to be with fans and show my book to people that had never heard of it before.  Freezer meals really are for everyone, so it was enjoyable to share my ideas with people that are either already making freezer meals or wanted to get started but weren’t quite sure how. 

I started out at The Book Table booth in the Logan Gift Show.   By accident, I arrived two hours early so I did a little mothers day shopping at the boutique and found some FUN gifts for my girls.  My husband and I are going to Cebu, Philippines for 3 weeks so I’ve been looking for a few gifts (one to open each week while we are gone) for the kids.

When it was finally my turn to sign books, I had a wonderful time meeting fans and talking with people that hadn’t heard of my book.  It was my first time being out there for fans or critics to come talk with me face to face, so I was a bit nervous.  Luckily everyone was very kind and excited to get their hands on a copy of my new book.

Bountiful Costco was the next stop on my tour and I was so busy there meeting with people, I completely spaced taking a picture.  I LOVED being in Bountiful.  What a beautiful city with beautiful people.   My favorite two ladies that I met told me when ever they needed to get away and do something fun they call it “Seymour Group”.  They tell everyone they are going to “Seymour Group” and then they do something fun together.   They decided to add a freezer meal assembly date to their Seymour Group activities.  I just loved their example of friendship and I think everyone needs a best friend like that to sneak away with when life gets too tough to handle.

This is a picture of Linda  (my editor) and I right before I hit my next stop, at the  Lehi Costco on Mothers day weekend.  Linda met me on the side of the road just off of 1-15 to give me some recipe cards to hand out at my book signings.  She is the one who found my book when I mailed a copy of it to Leatherwood Press a year ago.  She saw potential with it and submitted it to the owner.  I just adore Linda  and am grateful for her talents with polishing  my book.   I am so pleased with how my book turned out.    Linda is responsible for making my dream come true.  Thank you Linda.

Lehi, was VERY busy on Mothes Day Weekend.  Just before I left to visit the Lehi Costco, I received an email that informed me the Lehi Costco had ordered an extra 200 books because books had been selling so well and they anticipated I would sell a lot while I was there.  Unfortunately mostly dad’s were shopping with all their kids on mothers day weekend.  It was harder for me to approach dads with lots of kids.  They shopped like my husband shops, with one thing on his list;  in and out as fast as possible.  Most of the dads came in, grabbed some flowers, a box of dipped chocolate strawberries or a red velvet cake and then headed straight for the cash register.

Also, I was placed directly across from a blender demonstrator with a microphone headset and a $400 blender.  Every time he did a demonstration (every 15 minutes)  his blender got louder and so did the volume on his microphone.     Every 15 minutes he would mix up smoothies, soup and ice cream in his blender and this would bottle neck the walkways.  People would try and smash past my table to get through and were not interested in talking because they were trying to get past the crowd.  It was pretty frustrating, but despite that, I did talk to a lot of wonderful people and I signed and sold  a lot of books.  A few sweet husbands stopped to buy a book for their wives for mothers day and  I also had a lot of family and friends came visit me.  Also THE Greg Olsen was in the same building as me signing his artwork and meeting with fans.  It was a privilege to be in the same building as him.  One of my all time favorite paintings was by him.  I took a look at the price tag on my way out and was sad to see it was $1680!  Thank you Aunt Julie, Uncle Doug, Angie, Laura, Emily (who took pictures for me), mom and dad, Renee (It was so fun to see you),and Annette for stopping to talk with me.

Also, Andi (my niece) thank you for making the effort to come visit me!

I just love Andi, isn’t she beautiful?  She is one of the most happy and easy going people I know.   And the fact that she is here is a miracle.  I did not know Andi was my niece until 2 years ago.  When Andi’s mother was 17, she got pregnant and had to give Andi up for adoption.  Andi was adopted by some wonderful parents who  moved shortly after the adoption to Norway.  Andi was raised there and lived a very happy life and when she approached her 18th birthday she decided she would like to know more about her birth mom.  Luckily, her mom had seen the last name of the birth mom on the paperwork before they left the hospital and remembered it.  A missionary came to Norway from Idaho and knew someone with that last name.  One thing led to another and Andi was able to locate her birth mom and write a letter to her 2 years ago.  The crazy thing is that no one knew that Andi even existed…including her siblings (5 brothers and 1 sister) or her extended family.   With all those brothers, I can just imagine how elated Andi’s sister was to find out she had an older sister!   It was so shameful 20 year ago to have a baby out of wedlock and so the birth mom was sent away to have the baby and then came back to continue her life like nothing had happened.  It had been a secret for 18 years. We got to meet Andi for the first time last summer and we were just amazed to see that she looked just like her siblings and her mom and even talked and laughed just like her birth mom even though they had never met.   Andi is now here living in Utah Valley going to school and is enjoying learning more her family and our culture and traditions here in the States.

Muray, was next.  I met with lots of wonderful people in Murray.  There was a large group of people from India that came in to the store and the women were dressed so beautifully  in their Sari’s.  I noticed a lot of other people (non-Indian) dressed in flowy fabrics similar to the Sari’s.  It appeared to me that the Indian dress and culture had rubbed off a little on people in that area.  Who knew?  I just love seeing diversity.   I also met one frustrated mother that  had gone to 2 stores before coming to the Murray Costco to find my book.  My books are not in Costco’s in Idaho so her daughter asked her mom to pick up a signed copy for her.

Next stop, Salt Lake City Costco.  My Aunt Brenda came to visit with me and spent quite a bit of time with me there.  She brought me a few free samples from the flavored popcorn booth and talked to people about how much she enjoys my book.  I forgot to wear my wedding ring that day, and it made for a very embarrassing moment with the Oriental Carpet salesman that had a booth next to mine.  He was in Utah for a few months to find a wife.   I also met with a large number of mothers with teenagers who were excited to try out my ideas.  Freezer meals sure help with a family that has teenagers  headed in a  different directions.  One mother who tried out my book said her son will not eat breakfast unless there is a quick breakfast burrito he can grab and eat on the way to school. 

This is my editor and marketing director Amy.  Amy designed the cover and layout of my book including all the cute pictures of food that are through-out my book.  I’m so grateful for Amy’s talents as well.

The last stop on the tour was the Ogden Costco.  I was excited to be there because just months before, I was at the Quilted Bear across the street re-stocking my books as a self-published author.  Now I was across the street as a published author moving up to bigger and better things.  My publisher had shipped books to Costco and everything was lined up so all I had to do was show up to sign books.  I felt spoiled.

When I walked in though,  I was very sad to see that my table was directly across from the microphone blender man that was in Lehi!  I hadn’t spoke with him last time  (because I was so irritated with him), but as we were setting up, I introduced myself and we joked about what had happened in Lehi.  He asked me if I was a glutton for punishment.  I smiled and wished him luck.   Costco wasn’t as busy as it was mothers day weekend so he took lots of breaks and when he was doing a demo, we worked more as a team.  While people were stopped watching his demonstration, they also talked to me and looked through my cookbook.  When I drew a large crowd at my table, he would do a demo to show off his blender.  I sold and signed quite a lot of books and so it was a great way to end the Spring book tour.  My books are no longer at Costco until this Fall.  You can order one on, or go into any Deseret Book or Seagull Bookstore to pick up a copy.  I’m hoping for big things to happen this fall because the producers of Rachel Ray have contacted me and asked me to shoot them an email in August when they start filming again!!!!  I LOVE Rachel Ray (she inspired me to learn how to cook with her 30 minute meals on the Food Network when I was first married) and I would love to be on her show.

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