Friday, Oct 19, 2018

Golden Apple, Walnut and Barley Summer Salad.

I have been learning a lot about adding whole grains to my every day cooking and this is my favorite salad recipe so far. It is amazing!  There is a burst of sweet, salty, sour, crunchy, tangy and creamy all at once in your mouth with every bite.   Mmmmm,  I crave it daily.   I also love how chewy the barley is in the salad.  It makes barley a whole grain that you actually crave.  Thank you Chef Brad for sharing this recipe with me.   Here is his how to video. 


For the Salad

2 apples, diced with seeds and core

¼ cup golden raisins

1/2 cup  any specialty cheese (I used Vermont cheddar.  It is white but tastes like cheddar)

2 to 3 cups Barley, cooked (pressure for 20 minutes or stove top 40 minutes)

1 pint raspberries (frozen or fresh for garnish I used a frozen berry mix)

3/4 cup walnuts (to garnish)

8-10 pieces red leaf lettuce (to garnish)
Sweet Red Wine Vinegar Dressing:

2 T. red wine vinegar (I used Apple Cider vinegar because I was out of red wine vinegar and it was delicious!)

1 clove garlic minced

1 t. salt

2 T. sugar

1 t. Dijon mustard

1/3 cup xagave syrup

1/3 cup extra virgin olive oil (whisk this in last and it will fuse the dressing together)


Wash and dice the apples in small cubes. Combine them in a bowl with the raisins, cheese, and barley. Whisk together the dressing (adding oil last) and stir in the dressing.   Arrange the lettuce leaves on a platter or in the serving dish. Pour salad in the center. Top with the raspberries and walnut pieces.


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