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Freezer Meal Exchange Group

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I received a phone call yesterday from an amazing lady who is planning a freezer meal exchange on a large group level.  Her plan is to have  40 people go to 7 different homes to make 6 or 7 freezer meals to take home.  She was wondering if I had any advice for helping to make it a success.   Because I have never been involved in a group freezer meal exchange before, my first thought was “YIKES!!  I could never pull something like that off!”   But as we talked more, I was intrigued.   Because I’ve been craving a girls night out, it did seem like it would be fun to get together with 7 or 8 women to assemble meals. A lot of prep work, but doable.   What are your thoughts?   If you’ve participated in a group meal exchange, do you love it or hate it?

In my research today, I came across the article below on about how to do a ward relief society freezer meal night.   I think  a freezer meal activity might actually be doable!

Freezer Meal Enrichment Group
by Staci Hansen/ ga01152007

We do freezer meals in our ward and we have a very large attendance from people who are older to young mothers. We sign up for 1 or 2 specific meals and pay in advance for the meals and have one person buy everything. We meet at her house and assemble 1-2 meals. It has gotten so big that we even have 2 different 2 hour sessions the same day. One in the morning and one in the evening. We just show up anytime during that time period.

The cost of each freezer meal is different. They have ranged from $4 dollars to $8 and we always do it for 6 people. Some of us with smaller families separate it into 2 meals. We send around a sign up sheet with the cost of the two freezer meals we are doing that month.  They can sign up for one of them or one of each. Most people do both.

We have like 30 people sign up from older women, single women, and younger women with small children at home. We meet at one sisters house and assemble in order. We have recipes we send home with them if they want to make it again. It is amazing how many things freeze well. We are doing a chicken carbonara this month and something else.  Hopefully I have answered your questions. In my sisters ward they form a group of 8 and they make 8 of the same meal and swap once a month.

Chicken broccoli casserole freezes well, I also put stove top stuffing on top prepared.  Pastas work well in the freezer, the only thing you have to be careful about is there are a few ingredients that don’t freeze well.  A lot of recipes say you can freeze tortilla but I don’t like them because they get soggy, there is probably I trick but I don’t know it.  I hope this helps.  Those Glad bakeware/freezer ware are the best to use because you can freeze in them and then cook in the oven.

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I also found this website with lots of recipes and tips for a freezer meal group exchange.


  1. We did a freezer meal enrichment night a few years back and had an amazing turnout. We had one person be in charge of 4 different meals. Then we got together and let people assemble their own freezer meal. It was a lot of shopping and prep work for the person in charge of each meal but was a real success and everyone loved going home with delicious meals ready to put in their freezer!

  2. My girlfriend and I got together last May. When we finished our BUSY weekend we were both completely stocked on meals for 3 months. I know this because she did not prepare dinner for that long and had “homemade” dinner every night. My family just finished our last lasagna in January. It is A LOT of work but sooooo worth it. I just started thinking about doing it again. I think the best investment I ever made was my 18 qaurt roaster. We cooked 6 whole chickens in it over night and had enough chicken for 16 chicken based meals. I have also made chilli and soups in it. Okay… I think I will call my friends and get it set up again. Good luck everyone. 🙂

  3. we have done it where each person that is signed up is incharge of one dinner. That person makes the dinner for all of the people that have signed up, they also get it packaged and ready to go. All of the ladies(men) gather together at someones home with all of the meals that they have prepared and then each person walks away with as many different meals as were invited!

    1. Sounds so easy. Thanks for your comment. Do you approve recipes before the meals get made? I hear that every once in awhile you get a meal that your family does not like. Has that happened to you?

  4. we do that weekly. once very 3 or 4 months we sit down and plan out meals. since there are 3 of us we do one soup, 1 mexican and 1 “comfort” food each week. we walk away knowing what we will be cooking for the next 3 or 4 months. once a week we each make our 1 dish (3 times) and meet and exchange for the week. the portion size is always large enough that we get 2 meals out of each and that leaves one night to eat out.

  5. Recipes look really great!

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