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A few years ago my mom attended a class at the ace hardware store in north salt lake where you were the teacher. She bought all of us in her family your book, & I was finally able to try some of your recipes recently. I’ve really enjoyed the ones I’ve tried! I’m scheduled to have a knee replacement in June, so I’m putting away meals in my freezer, & your book had been so helpful!


Tonight Dan & I were talking about simplifying our lives, and he said the best thing I’d ever done to simplify our lives was the “freezer cooking”. I hadn’t realized until he said that what a difference your cookbook has made in our lives! We used to eat out at least once a day, and now we eat out once a week or less! It has totally changed our eating habits for the better & your recipes are so simple and easy to make (not to mention delicious), I’m actually enjoying cooking after 8 years of marriage! I just wanted to say thanks from the bottom of our hearts for introducing your cookbook to us!


I have loved having a cookbook specifically designed for freezer meals. Especially the breakfast meals. My husband goes to work in the early a.m. and now I can still make sure that he gets a good breakfast and I don’t have to wake up at 4:30 to start it. We also eat a lot of pasta meals and I now I know how to cook and freeze these meals so that the noodles are never mushy, and it still tastes like it was made just that day.


I really liked knowing the best way to freeze dinners so they still taste good when dethawed. I also liked knowing how much something should be cooked before freezing to have a fresh tasting meal for the future, what freezes well and what doesn’t, and how long the meals take to heat up once frozen. I haven’t tried all the recipies, but they all look simple to make and very tasty.


Hey I was sceptical at first when I saw you on good things… But I went to the Holy Cow Boutique the next day and picked up a copy of your book…. I have already made 8 of your recipies and they are all so yummy. They turned out perfect… My 2yr old and my husband have loved everything! Our favorite so far are the sugar cookies and the pot pie! I am really excited to have tried this so I can have meals in the freezer for when I have my 2nd baby in August! Thanks for writing this cookbook and I am looking forward to any new recipies!


Jenn, I know I have already told you that I love the recipes in this book, but I have to tell you again how wonderful and time saving they are. I wasn’t using your book for a while and I have now gotten back to a planning a menu and making time to cook and freeze some extra food. My family loves your recipes and they look forward to what new meal we will be having….so we eat together more often.

I would like to pass this on to the sister’s in our R.S. here in San Bernardino. I know a few of the sisters that I have shared your cook book with are interested in trying it out themselves.

Thank you for sharing your gift with so many!

Hi, I received your book on Monday and have been loving it. Thank you for sending it quickly! Tanner plays basketball on the high school team and Andrew on the Jr. High team. We have games every night this week, we love to support our kids in all their activities; this means a lot of bleacher sitting and usually eating out at greesy fast food (Yuck) Your cooking ideas have been so great for our family! It has been so wonderful to have great meals ready or nearly ready. I made more Honey bread (it turned out perfect again!), your chili and corn bread casserole, cooked two different kinds of pork roast for BBQ and Sweet Pork, browned 6 pounds of ground beef making 1/2 into taco meat ( I loved how juicy the meat was with the water added, what a great idea!) made the orange chicken which everyone loved and tried the sweet beans and rice! Yum, seriously, I just wonder why I have never cooked this way? I made brown rice because I love the nutritional value and never feel like I have time to make it on a normal busy night. Anyway, just wanted you to know how delighted I am with your book. I also have many friends and family members who are looking forward to you new book being published.
Happy Cooking,

I bought your book about 2 months ago. Our afternoons have completely changed because I am not stressed about dinner or ignoring kids while trying to prepare the meal. Thank you for all the great ideas and recipes.

Congrats on your book! That is so awesome!!!  The updated website looks great. I’ve enjoyed poking around and in fact made the chimicangas for dinner last night. I debated on whether or not to really serve them on a bed of lettuce. It seemed like just some extra work, and I figured my husband didn’t really want lettuce for his anyway. However, I served my chimis on a bed of lettuce and guess what. When my husband came in for dinner, he exclaimed, “Hey! It looks like were at a restaurant!.” Points! So thank you! The details make a difference too!



Tried them today for the first time. SO good!


Hello and Thank You!  I am a working mother of 2 children (4 and 2 1/2).  The kids are visiting their grandparents for the week so I thought I’d get motivated and try some freezer meals. I’ve spent the last 2 days preparing a menu, shopping list, shopping and cooking.  I don’t cook much and really find it a chore. So I’m trying to change my thinking and get organized.

My situation is unique.  My husband and I are both pilots so we are gone 3 or 4 days out of the week.  We have been on opposite schedules but have recently found a baby sitter who we like so we have her come in for an overnight so Sean and I can have at least an entire day (or two) together.

When Sean is home he usually grills out and we eat the leftovers for a couple of days.  It’s very hard when one of us is home with the kids by ourselves to get motivated to cook an entire meal.  Since our new sitter doesn’t cook either it’s hard to have things for her to make for the kids.  I also feel bad about saying there are leftovers in the fridge because I’m not sure if she’d eat it anyway.

The freezer meals, I’m hoping, are going to be an answer to a lot of the problems we run into.  Last night I prepared the manicotti.  My husband really enjoyed it. I made the pot pie today and we just got done eating individual pies that I made for us since the kids aren’t here. Yummy! The beef tips will be cooking soon.  I can’t wait to try the meals that I’ve already frozen to see how they taste.

I’ve pulled recipes from about 3 websites and they all seem to be turning out better than expected.  I just now ordered your book because your recipes and tips really have helped.  I can’t wait to have a small stockpile of meals.  From now on, when I cook, we’ll eat one and freeze one!  I should then have a constant variety of food to choose from for my family. Thanks and good luck with the book!

I made the mix and match muffins (apples & cinn) last week and froze the extra. LOVED THEM! It was my first time ever making muffins from scratch! I have already shared the recipe. I did find out that when freezing and then cooking the muffins….you have to only use the foil muffin cups (NOT paper)! Thanks for your hard work you put in your new book!!!!!


I just received this cookbook with plans to use it to feed my family more regular home cooked meals.  I started with the Chicken Marengo which I learned was Napoleon’s last meal after a battle he won.  It was filling, had great depth and wonderful ingredients…my husband said he’d eat it once a week if I made it!  And suggested adding black beans.Last night was the chicken pot pies which were more from scratch than how I previously made them.  Loved the sauce and meaty potatoes and carrots.  I loved watching my 8 year old pick her peas up one by one as she stabbed them with her fork.  I’m making the chili with cornbread topping next,…we’re definitely on our way to making many more (Fabulous Freezer Meals) memories.  Thanks, Jenny!

I love your cookbook. This morning, I made cinnamon rolls and bread with the white bread recipe. IT is a favorite, and gives me the opportunity to serve, because my 5 year old likes to share a loaf or 2 of bread each time I make it.

I just watched a clip on YouTube featuring you and your cooking!  I enjoyed your ideas and just ordered your book through you have a Youtube channel that I can subscribe to?

I am a professional truck driver, so prepping once per week to have a week or so of meals is right up my alley!  Great ideas and keep it up!

Thanks —Floyd

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