Saturday, Nov 17, 2018

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Two new cookbooks!


I’m excited to announce my two new cookbooks:  BYU and U of U Tailgate Party Cookbooks!   I can’t wait until football season starts!  My dream has been to have a cookbook with beautiful pictures that inspire you throughout the entire book and these books have it!  There are 30 recipes with 30 full page gorgeous pictures that inspire you and make you drool.   Photographer Zac Williams did an outstanding  job. I’m so pleased with how they turned out, and so happy to be lucky enough to be published through Gibbs Smith.  It has been my dream for years.

Brigham Young University Cookbook

It’s the Dad’s Life

This has nothing to do with freezer meals other then it just makes me laugh and laugh.  Whenever I need a little pick-me-up, I will return to this post.  My husband Mark could easily be in this.  We have 4 daughters,  Mark drives our riding lawnmower weekly with and he cried (he says “almost cried”) when he  took the girls to see Toy Story 3 last week.   Mark also has been icing his  hurt back for a few months now.  He sure enjoys living the Dad’s Life.

Frozen Meals are Frozen Assets.

This arcitle, written by Sharon Haddock, was in the Mormon Times yesterday.  Included are a few of my all time favorite recipes.  Thank you Sharon for writing such an incredible article highlighting my ideas on how to save time and money with freezer meals.

ELWOOD, Utah — Jenny Ahlstrom Stanger didn’t become a freezer-meal expert overnight.

The Mormon mom and cookbook author learned the secrets of good freezing one dish at a time.

Today, she has 207 foolproof, freezer recipes to share — healthy recipes that can save a busy wife and mother not only time but dollars as well (up to $300 per month for the average family).

In the mood for some adventure?

My husband and I have been in the Philippines for 2 weeks and we have one week left.  If you are in the mood for some adventure, you are welcome to add me as a friend on facebook (search for Jenny Ahlstrom Stanger) to follow along with our adventures.  You are also welcome to view details of our adventure on my family blog by clicking here.

Book Tour Spring 2010

Book tour was wonderful!  I look forward to doing it again in the Fall.  What a treat it was to be with fans and show my book to people that had never heard of it before.  Freezer meals really are for everyone, so it was enjoyable to share my ideas with people that are either already making freezer meals or wanted to get started but weren’t quite sure how.