Saturday, Oct 20, 2018

Category: Bread and Breakfast

What exactly is dough enhancer?

Question: I have never heard of dough enhancer what is it, what does it look like and where do you get it? I would really appreciate your help. 

Making Your Own Frozen Pizza

Our favorite meal of all time is pizza!  It takes time to make  pizza from scratch, so why not make 4-5 pizzas at once, bake one for dinner and place the other four in your freezer to serve later?  My hero Crystal Godfrey, with and I got together a few months ago to make a video on how to make  frozen pizza.  What a privilege it was to be with her for a few hours in her kitchen!

Rice Pudding

After a fun but exhausting day of being a mother 4 small children, (which involved everything today from  potty training,  5-6 warm bottles for the baby, diaper changing, playing dolls for 3 hours, nap time, story time, driving to and from the bus stop several times, a preschool picnic lunch, laundry, dishes, breakfast,  lunch and snacks, finding and cleaning out a dead mouse behind the dryer (Eek!),  rescuing a Cinderella kite from the springs of our trampoline etc…)  My wonderful husband saw how tired I was tonight and decided to make dinner.  Lucky for him, we had cooked rice in the freezer.

Muffins fresh from the….freezer?

My favorite meal of the day is breakfast, because I love warm muffins, large sausage and egg omelets, waffles with fresh fruit and cream, french toast, etc..

The good news is, I have a secret on how to make fresh baked muffins as easy as pouring breakfast cereal into a bowl!

Pizza and Chicken Pot Pie

I had the amazing opportunity to be on Good Things Utah twice in the past two weeks!  It won’t be until tonight that I can get the two videos on my site, but you can click here to view the clips for now.