Friday, Oct 19, 2018

Category: Chicken

Spicy Summer Salsa

Summer is here and at my house we’ve been enjoying  a lot of fresh salsa.  This salsa recipe is adapted from my Sister-in-law Sues’ Super Salsa.  Say that five times fast!  This salsa is a great addition to so many meals.  

Cafe Rio Sweet Pork Frozen Burritos

My husband loves store bought frozen burritos, but I am not a fan because they are so full of fat and preservatives.  To me they taste processed, greasy and stale.   I take it as a personal challenge to make food my hubby will like better then his beloved bachelor food. These Cafe Rio Sweet Pork frozen burritos have wowed him.  They are healthy, taste fresh and are full of flavor.  You are going to love this recipe! 

Book edits to date

There are a few errors in the latest printing of Fabulous Freezer Meals.  Please note the changes and accept my apology for the few mistakes that made it past me, editors and the publisher.   We will correct these mistakes in the next printing.



I recently purchased the Fabulous Freezer Meals book and it seems the first paragraph of instructions for the Chicken Pot Pie recipe is completely missing. I was hoping to find an errata section for the book on this site but there is none. If the missing set of instructions could be provided, that would be great. Thanks.

Chewy Granola Bars, Pesto Sandwiches and Peanut Butter Wraps

My youngest is starting 1st grade and will be taking a school lunch with her every day to school.  She is an extreme introvert so I know by lunch time she will be exhausted and ready to come home.  I’m hoping school lunch will be like a giant hug from me to keep her going for a few more hours at school.  Any ideas you have to offer would be much appreciated. 

Hawaiian Haystacks

Are you looking for a fresh delicious meal in 10 minutes?  This one can is quick, tasty and nutritious.  A meal that the whole family will love.  Isn’t this picture cute?  This is from my new BYU Cougars Cookbook!

Hawaiian Haystacks

Yield:  Serves 8