Friday, Oct 19, 2018

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CSI Freezer Meal Homemaking / Enrichment Night

If you are working hard to plan next years activities for your Relief Society or group of friends, this is a fun activity all centered around making freezer meals to help those in need in your neighborhood.  For a quick and easy Freezer meal basics handout click here.  This handout can be found in the Download section on  You do not need a freezer meal expert to come demo at your activity, you can do it with these great recipes and fun ideas.   Thank you Angie and Kelly for sharing these ideas and photos with us.  You are party planning geniuses!

CSI:  Compassionate Service Initiative


The scene of the crime…


Savory Thanksgiving Turkey


If I were in charge of  cooking the turkey this year, (which I wish I was because of this recipe)  this is the recipe I would use.  It makes the most tender, savory turkey meat you have ever tasted.  I’m drooling just thinking about how delicious it is.  It does take a few days to defrost and marinade the turkey, but it is so worth it.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Casserole Ideas. Easy meals to make and share.

Question:  Hey, we are making freezer meals (as a relief society activity) for the compassionate service leader to keep & distribute as needed. Do you have a couple of recipes you could recommend? Thanks Jen!

Answer:  Yes I do have some great casserole type dishes. 

Frozen Meals are Frozen Assets.

This arcitle, written by Sharon Haddock, was in the Mormon Times yesterday.  Included are a few of my all time favorite recipes.  Thank you Sharon for writing such an incredible article highlighting my ideas on how to save time and money with freezer meals.

ELWOOD, Utah — Jenny Ahlstrom Stanger didn’t become a freezer-meal expert overnight.

The Mormon mom and cookbook author learned the secrets of good freezing one dish at a time.

Today, she has 207 foolproof, freezer recipes to share — healthy recipes that can save a busy wife and mother not only time but dollars as well (up to $300 per month for the average family).

Compassionate Service

Freezer Meals are WONDERFUL to have on hand not just for your family every night but also to take to your neighbors. Whether it is something simple like a bag of  frozen fajita mix that you combine with fresh shredded cheese, tortillas, lettuce and diced tomatoes, or a frozen lasagna in a foil pan, freezer meals make sharing dinner with another family EASY!
Recently,  one of my recipes from “Fabulous Freezer Meals” was featured in  The Mormon Times.  If you’ve ever thought about taking dinner to someone in need, you need to read the article below. Sharon included some great tips on making the whole experience a positive one for everyone.