Friday, Oct 19, 2018

Category: Vegetarian

To-Die-For Peanut Butter (Flour-less) Cookies.

A few months ago I attended a nutrition class where I was hoping to learn more about vitamins and ended up learning a lot about the food I eat.  I learned a few great tips to boost the nutrition level of my recipes from  Kalani Watson, a registered nurse and expert on nutrition.  I’ve learned how to incorporate her nutrition tips into my favorite recipes.  This is one healthy cookie recipe.  And they taste delicious.  You just can’t stop after just one of these chewy cookies.

Pumpkin Pie (the easy way)

My mom has been making this pumpkin dessert for years and it is SO good.  This is the recipe I make when I am craving pumpkin pie, but I don’t feel like making a pie crust.  It is so easy to put together and so delicious.   I attended the Witches Night Out at Gardner Village last night and was pleased to see it was the indulgent dessert of choice all over the village.  

Taking the guess work out of dinner.

I was at a party a few months ago and was asked this question in a get-to-know you game:  “How does dinner come together daily in your home?”  I laughed because as much as I love to cook, my routine was not exciting or impressive.  Every night around 5pm  my routine was to look in the freezer, pull something out, defrost it,add fresh ingredients and serve it with a few side dishes in about 15 minutes.  It was the same every night and has worked great for us.  But when our home was hit by lightening and our oven was fried 8 weeks ago, I was unable to bake, and we had to switch things up a little.   I decided we would plan a weekly menu and repeat it weekly using recipes I could make on the stove top. 

Spicy Summer Salsa

Summer is here and at my house we’ve been enjoying  a lot of fresh salsa.  This salsa recipe is adapted from my Sister-in-law Sues’ Super Salsa.  Say that five times fast!  This salsa is a great addition to so many meals.  

March Madness: New recipe to help cheer on the BYU Cougars!

My daughter Lyndi and I were on Fox 13 news this morning demoing how to make Jammer 3-Point Poppers in honor of Jimmer Fredette!  Oh we hope BYU wins tonight!