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Freezer Meals with Jenny Stanger Recipe Video

Jenny Stanger’s solution for the 5 p.m. ‘What’s for dinner?’ panic is to spend two hours, every two weeks, preparing two recipes, with each recipe large enough to make three family-size dinners. Planning ahead and freezing meals can simplify family life. Listen up busy moms!

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Most people don’t really hate cooking — they just hate the pressure and all the work of coming up with something for dinner every night of the week. You can build up a good supply of dinners in your freezer this way. Jenny says: “On the nights you feel like cooking, you can. But when you don’t feel like it, use those ‘frozen assets’ in the freezer. Along with more family time, freezer meals also help you save $200-$300 a month. Freezer meals save you time, money and sanity.”

Family Reunion Meals Made Easy

We just had a wonderful family reunion with my in-laws in Ashton, Idaho.  It involved staying in a massive cabin with 17 adults and 17 kids, a hike to a nearby waterfall (Mesa Falls), and trip to the gorgeous sand dunes in Saint Anthony.   We also ate a lot of good food and played a lot of deep belly laughing games.  To make sure no one person was stuck in the kitchen the entire time, we organized it so each family teamed up with one other to make dinner on one of the nights.  Breakfast and lunch was set out by the reunion hosts.

Our first night in Ashton we had a hot dog bar with 3-4 different signs instructing you how to make your hot dog special.  Very cute idea! 

Freezer Meal Exchange Group

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I received a phone call yesterday from an amazing lady who is planning a freezer meal exchange on a large group level.  Her plan is to have  40 people go to 7 different homes to make 6 or 7 freezer meals to take home. 

Freezer Meal Basic Training


Happy New Year!  I hope you had a wonderful holiday.  I apologize it has been awhile since my last post.  We played until we dropped every day of the vacation.  My girls received a lot of art supplies for Christmas and my husband bought me an electric back massager.  Between making crafts, playing in the snow, eating chocolate and enjoying back rubs, life has been pretty busy around here.

I don’t know about you, but my freezer is EMPTY! It is time to re-stock. I’ve been busy today slicing up marinated steak strips for future meals, and  I hope to continue stocking my freezer with cooked rice, meat balls, pot stickers and Chicken Cordon Bleu.  I had some time to experiment over the break with some new recipes and I can’t wait to share them with you over the next couple of weeks!

A few months ago I presented to a group of women in Logan, UT how to get started with making freezer meals.  Around 60 women attended and with the help of a few other women, the evening was put together with ease and was a huge success.   I’ve had the opportunity to teach freezer meal basic training many times and I’ve  put together a list of  basic tips and recipes I use when I teach. 

 If you are planning on getting started this year with making freezer meals or would like to spread the word about how great it is to have your freezer stocked, feel free to use this Freezer Meal  Basic Training. 

Easy Raspberry Jam

Raspberry  jam is like a dessert at our house and I want to show you how easy it is to make.   It really is as simple as making instant pudding!  Freezer jam can be made from fresh or frozen berries, so stock up when berries are on sale or freeze your extra fruit.   I have switched to use Ball Pectin instead of MCP Pectin.  Ball Pectin only takes 3 minutes to stir, 1 1/2 cups of sugar and 30 minutes to sit on your counter and you are DONE.   Now that is easy!