Sunday, Nov 18, 2018

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Chewy Granola Bars, Pesto Sandwiches and Peanut Butter Wraps

My youngest is starting 1st grade and will be taking a school lunch with her every day to school.  She is an extreme introvert so I know by lunch time she will be exhausted and ready to come home.  I’m hoping school lunch will be like a giant hug from me to keep her going for a few more hours at school.  Any ideas you have to offer would be much appreciated. 

Frozen Meals are Frozen Assets.

This arcitle, written by Sharon Haddock, was in the Mormon Times yesterday.  Included are a few of my all time favorite recipes.  Thank you Sharon for writing such an incredible article highlighting my ideas on how to save time and money with freezer meals.

ELWOOD, Utah — Jenny Ahlstrom Stanger didn’t become a freezer-meal expert overnight.

The Mormon mom and cookbook author learned the secrets of good freezing one dish at a time.

Today, she has 207 foolproof, freezer recipes to share — healthy recipes that can save a busy wife and mother not only time but dollars as well (up to $300 per month for the average family).

Freezer Meals are Frozen Assets

This article is in the Mormon Times today!  The author, Sharon Haddock from the Deseret News, called me two weeks ago and met with me last week for the interview.   It can be intimidating to talk with a journalist, but Sharon made me feel at ease like I was talking with an old friend.   This article wasn’t supposed to be out until July, but she pushed to have it published online this week.  You will see it in print in July.  Thank you Sharon.

Freezing Rice

(Thank you Karly for letting me use this picture in my post!  If you need some yummy dessert ideas, you should check out her blog!)

I received this comment the other day and thought it was a great question.  Freezing rice is one of my favorite things to freeze.  It is such a time saver! 

Rice Pudding

After a fun but exhausting day of being a mother 4 small children, (which involved everything today from  potty training,  5-6 warm bottles for the baby, diaper changing, playing dolls for 3 hours, nap time, story time, driving to and from the bus stop several times, a preschool picnic lunch, laundry, dishes, breakfast,  lunch and snacks, finding and cleaning out a dead mouse behind the dryer (Eek!),  rescuing a Cinderella kite from the springs of our trampoline etc…)  My wonderful husband saw how tired I was tonight and decided to make dinner.  Lucky for him, we had cooked rice in the freezer.